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Outsec mobile app is a user-friendly platform that allows users to upload and manage their audio files on the go. With team of professional transcribers, Outsec offers accurate and timely transcriptions in a range of languages, including English.

In addition to Outsec transcription services, Outsec mobile app also offers secure and confidential data protection, ensuring that your files are kept safe and confidential at all times.

Outsec mobile app will be a valuable asset to anyone in need of transcription services.

The OutSec Connect App turns any smartphone or tablet into a digital recorder. It has been specifically designed to meet clientsโ€™ needs. As a result, clients can simply dictate files in the office, from home or on the go. By using Outsec free dictation app on your smartphone or tablet is literally like having an office in your hands.

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Application Features

User-friendly interface:
User-friendly interface that allows users to upload and manage their audio and video files on the go.
Professional transcribers
Professional transcribers who are trained and experienced in providing accurate and timely transcriptions.
Turn round Time:
Range of turnaround times to suit individual needs, from same-day to standard delivery
Security and privacy:
The app includes security and privacy features to protect users' data and prevent unauthorized access to their inventory.
Easy-to-use app:
Easy-to-use app that allows you to access your transcripts whenever and wherever you need them.
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Tools & Technology Used For Elephant Trax

The Outsec app was developed using a combination of programming languages and mobile app frameworks. The languages was chosen for its versatility and robustness, while the frameworks provided a convenient set of tools and libraries for implementing the app’s features. In addition, the app utilizes different libraries to optimize its performance and tools to manage the app’s dependencies. These tools and technologies allowed us to quickly and efficiently develop the app, and to deliver a high-quality user experience. We also faced several challenges during the mobile app development process, but the flexibility and power of the chosen tools and technologies helped us to overcome these obstacles and deliver a successful app.


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