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Dreaming of your own startup or Launching a business but feeling stuck? You’re not alone. Founders often find the initial steps overwhelming. The hurdles can seem insurmountable so if you are,

To Get Started, Because of
No technical skills? You have no experience developing software and no code tools are too confusing or limited in their functionality
High agency prices? Sick of big agencies treating you like numbers and trying to get as much money from you as possible.
You donโ€™t talk โ€œtechโ€? You don't understand technical jargon and you are not sure what are best practices, or bad coding practices.
Slow in-house team? Hiring developers, designers, product managers, QA engineers takes months and costs way more than you can afford.
If Are We The Right Choice For You?

We Offer:

Fixed Prices

When Project scope is crystal clear. We determine cost, budget, and estimated timleine.

Hourly Prices

We give you an hourly rate for our team or individual resources involved in the project.

Resource Outsourcing

We give you an hourly rate for each resource - you don't like resource, we change it with another candidate.

Build Partnership

We will reduce our cost up to 50% but will keep some equity in your product ranging from 10% to 25%.

The Benefits
You will look after working with us.

We bring your idea to life in 90 days with our rapid development process without long contracts or insane budgets.

Rapid Launch: Release your MVP in as little as 90 days. We'll accelerate your market entry beyond your expectations.
Cost-effective: Efficient processes and a specialized team enable us to provide the most competitive rates in the industry.
Uncompromised Quality: We never settle for less. Expect a cutting-edge product, fully prepared for launch using the latest technologies.
Scalable Solutions: Our flexible app architecture ensures smooth growth and adaptation in line with your startup's evolution.
Seed Funding: Rapid market entry and an app that users love boost your funding potential, draw investors, and accelerate your ROI.
Proven Expertise: We know what works and what doesn't. We won't overpromise on features that are technically impossible to deliver.
Effortless Collaboration: Our streamlined communication process lets you concentrate on your business while we handle the rest.
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Got Questions?
Here Are Your Answers! (FAQs)
We adhere to confidentiality agreements like Non Disclosure Agreement and Intellectual Property Documents.
Yes, clients have access to a dedicated project manager and regular progress updates.
We offer multiple revision cycles, ensuring the final product aligns with your expectations.