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My Pad

MyPad believe that gaming is about more than just playing your favorite titles – it’s about connecting with other players and sharing your passion for the games you love. That’s why myPad created a platform that allows you to compete with your opponents in real-time, meet your favorite streamers and brands, and participate in special events and competitions.

With MyPad mobile app ,you can earn Golden Points just by playing your favorite games. These points can then be used to redeem rewards in MyPad Shop, where you’ll find all sorts of gaming gear and other cool items.

Join the MyPad community today and start competing with other streamers and their audiences. Show off your skills and earn rewards for your passion for gaming. MyPad – the ultimate platform for streamers and their audiences.

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Application Features

MyPad is a fantastic platform for streamers and their audiences, providing an engaging and rewarding gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, MyPad has something to offer for everyone.
Real-time multiplayer gaming:
MyPad allows you to play your favorite titles with other streamers and their audiences in real-time, providing a thrilling and competitive experience.
Connect with your favorite streamers:
MyPad allows you to connect with your favorite streamers and follow their games and events. You can also chat with them and share your thoughts and feedback.
Special events and competitions:
MyPad regularly hosts special events and competitions where you can showcase your skills and win rewards. These events can be themed around specific games, streamers, or brands, providing a unique and engaging experience.
Earn rewards for playing:
MyPad allows you to earn Golden Points by playing games, which can then be used to redeem real rewards and gaming items in the MyPad Shop. This rewards system encourages players to compete and improve their skills, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression.
Cross-platform compatibility:
MyPad is compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms, allowing players to access and play their games on their preferred devices. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the full MyPad experience, regardless of their hardware or software preferences.
User-friendly interface:
MyPad has a clean and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for players to navigate, find games, and connect with other players. This allows users to focus on the games and the competition, without being distracted by complex menus or controls.
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Tools & Technology Used For MyPad

The MyPad app was developed using a combination of programming languages and frameworks. The languages were chosen for their versatility and robustness, while the mobile app frameworks provided a convenient set of tools and libraries for implementing the app’s features. In addition, the app utilizes different libraries to optimize its performance and tools to manage the app’s dependencies. These tools and technologies allowed us to quickly and efficiently develop the app, and to deliver a high-quality user experience. We also faced several challenges during the development process, but the flexibility and power of the chosen tools and technologies helped us to overcome these obstacles and deliver a successful app.My


Xamarin form mobile application idea

Xamarin Form

Cross Platform Framework for Android and iOS by Microsoft


Firbase icon


Provides real time database and other hosting services
.net core backend development

.Net Core

.Net framework for creating Api's




Great tool to create user experience and user interfaces.
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Visual studio Code

IDE to develop wide range of applications.